Helping scientists get the most out of their research is our number one concern at Clever Sys. Whether through our advanced Behavioral Recognition programs, specialized system integration or our research services, we are available to assist!

Customized Software and Hardware

For scientists that are familiar with behavioral testing, our sophisticated Behavioral Recognition programs can monitor everything from circadian rhythm, to gait analysis and cognitive functioning. We offer customized programming for behaviors not previously detectable, and customized hardware solutions for any new paradigm you can dream up. As an added feature, our systems can be integrated with other programs, giving researchers the ability to measure biological functions within the organism simultaneously with the behavioral measures.

Customized Research

For scientists new to behavioral testing, we offer a number of custom services including rental of testing apparatuses and software programs or analysis of your pre-recorded videos. We can also conduct the entire behavioral study for you, in your facility or in an AALAC accredited animal facility.
Whatever your research needs, Clever Sys is here to help you obtain the most comprehensive results for a thorough research study.