As science is moving towards translational research, scientists would like to see how lab animal’s behaviors are related to physiology data, such as EEG, neuron signal, EMG/EKG, temperature, and heart rate, just to name a few. Clever Sys. Inc. has made efforts to achieve this integration and synchronization of our products with any physiology data instrument, and have setup quite a few such systems at different research labs around the world.

In order to achieve the Integration and Synchronization of the systems, Clever Sys. Inc. has taken several different approaches, contingent upon the device.

One simple approach is sending out a common timing signal as reference signal. Both behavior data output from Clever Sys. Inc.’s products and physiology data can refer to this common timing signal to find correlation and synchronization. This is a cheap and reliable approach. However, this approach may not be applied well when either behavior analysis system or physiology instruments are not running online. This is the operation mode of “loose integration” in integration and synchronization of behaviors and physiology data.

Clever Sys. Inc. has also developed capability that will allow us to integrate and synchronize lab animal’s behaviors and its physiology data in real time operations in a “tight integration mode.” This mode is usually performed in following two different approaches:

  • When physiology instruments vendors provide Application Programming Interface (API), Clever Sys. Inc. will program our software using those APIs to access physiology data from the vendor and integrate and synchronize it with our behavior data. One such example is our seamless integration with Pinnacle Technologies, which provide us with their APIs.
  • When physiology instruments vendors or the users provide us their electrical signal output, our software and hardware will take those electrical signals, sample it, and then synchronize with our behavior data. Triangle Biosystems physiology instruments are one such example. We have done similar work with other vendors’ instruments as well.

All of our products, including our famous HomecageScan and TopScan systems, can perform these functions. We currently have several systems up and running at different sites, and users have found it astonishing when they see how the animal’s behaviors inside a home cage (such as eating, drinking, jumping, walking, sleeping, etc.) can associated and correlated with the physiology data.