LocoScan	ObjectScan

TopScan is a general purpose Top‐view based behavior analysis system and was the first to use animal body parts (since 2002) to provide the most accurate behavior analysis results possible. It is applicable to a wide range of experiments, from the most basic animal tracking task to more complicated tasks such as Novel Object Recognition requiring precise detection of the nose of the animal exploring an object. TopScan is an extendable framework that comprises 4 separate products – LocoScan, ObjectScan, MazeScan and WaterMazeScan. Any or all of those 4 product combinations may be purchased. Additional functionalities for integration into TopScan include Circling, Flat‐back approach, Grooming and Thigmotactic behaviors. Moreover, TopScan can be directly integrated with other Clever Sys products such as AnnoStar, SocialScanTop, DrugEffectScan, DSRScan, etc.

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