About our Company

Located in Reston, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C., and along the Northern Virginia technology corridor, Clever Sys Inc. (CSI) is a bioinformatics company specializing in advanced video tracking software for behavioral research. Clever Sys brings behavioral testing into the twenty-first century, combining video tracking with patented Behavior Recognition Technology for the most advanced behavior analysis software on the market today.

Since 1999, CSI has been pushing the boundaries of video tracking technology to provide cutting-edge, user-friendly animal monitoring systems to behavioral researchers. Clever Sys products provide measurements of ethograms that no automated systems could previously accommodate. Our behavioral recognition systems can be integrated with bio-feedback measurements, such as electroencephalograms, telemetry, body temperature, electrocardiograms, and ultrasonic vocalization signals, allowing in-depth analysis of behavior and physiology. Thus, Clever Sys Inc. products represent some of the most advanced testing systems available in neuroscience today.

CSI develops and markets products and services for both animal and human behavior analysis. The applications of our behavior recognition technology are broad, and CSI’s customers include biotech and medical researchers (government, academic, and private), pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement, military, homeland security offices, athletic trainers, and medical patient care centers. CSI has been the recipient of numerous federal R&D grants, and has collaborated with several outside groups, including various university labs to develop and improve their products.