Understanding Options

Each software package comes in 4 options:  basic, basic real-time, high-throughput, and high-throughput real-time.   Understanding  the options will help you select the best package for your individual needs.

Basic:  our basic software allows you to capture video off-line, one test arena, one animal at a time.

Required hardware:  computer, camera

Basic Real-Time:  our basic real-time option allows capture of video in real-time and off-line, one test arena, one animal at a time.

Required hardware:  computer, camera, video card

High-Throughput:  this version of the software will allow you to capture  off-line video from multiple experimental arenas (up to 4 per system).    Ideal for fear conditioning, home cage, open-field, etc.  This option will allow for faster analysis when running of multiple animals at a time is desired.

Required hardware:  computer, video multiplexer (quad)

High-Throughput Real-Time:  the most advanced software option allows offline and real-time capture of up to 4 experimental arenas at a time.

Required hardware:  computer, video card, video multiplexer (quad)

All systems require a computer, we recommend purchasing this through Clever Sys,  if you choose to buy your own computer please discuss this with us so we can make recommendations to avoid any compatibility problems.  Secondly, we can provide cameras, video cards, multiplexers, and any miscellaneous hardware and components necessary to operate your software system. However, if you decide to purchase these items on your own we cannot guarantee without consultation that the items in question will work at the optimal level with our software.


Step 1 –>Choose a Software Package

Step 2 –> Choose your Options

Step 3 –>Choose your Optional Hardware (mazes, operant chambers, etc., make sure to specify rat or mouse).

Step 4 –> Submit your requirements for a quote !