About Our Software

Our patented Behavior Recognition technology will help you get the best results for your research.  We can guarantee our software offers extraordinary accuracy and performance because we have devoted significant effort to developing unique systems that use the most information about the animal, such as identification of discrete body parts, to help make discoveries about behavior.  As a result we offer our software in multiple views, this approach enables our software programs to utilize the best angle to capture information about body parts that are most relevant  to the behavior(s) of interest.

Therefore, our systems are categorized into 4 separate groups:  Side-view, Top-View, Ventral-View, and Dual or Stereo-View.  Each angle of observation is specific to the category of behaviors you wish to analyze.  Understanding how this works will help you make your choice about which systems best suit your needs and will be the most beneficial to your research.

Side-View:  our side view systems are able to accurately segment the animal into individual body parts and give advanced information about the animal and its unconstrained behavior.  This approach is used in our HomeCageScan, GroupHouseScan, PrimateScan,  ForcedSwimScan, and TailSuspScan.

Top-View:  our top view based systems are best used in locomotor, learning and memory, operant, and social behavior tests.  Though top-view is not as advanced as side view, our ability to detect center of mass and accurately identify the head and tail of the animal is unparalleled.  Top-View systems include:  TopScan, LocoScan, MazeScan, ObjectScan, WaterMazeScan, ChamberScan, DrugEffectScan, SocialScan, AggressionScan, DSRScan, FreezeScan, GroupScan, and TopScanLite.

Ventral-View:  this approach is exclusively used when analyzing gait data.  Whether the walking is forced on a treadmill or free association in our runway or free walk box our ventral view systems are a top tier behavior analysis tool.  Ventral-View systems include:  TreadScan, RunwayScan, GaitScan, FreeWalkScan, and CylinderScan.

Dual or Stereo-View:  in our most advanced products we collect information from both the top and side-view.  This allows for multiple animals in one arena to be separately identified with body part information combining both social and homecage behaviors.  Dual-view systems include:  GroupHouseScan and StereoScan.

Now that you understand how we work, find out more about each product, so you can choose the system or combination of systems that are the best fit for your research!