TreadScan is a component of our NeurodegenScan Suite and meets the needs for gait analysis of animals. Gait analysis allows highly sensitive, noninvasive detection and evaluation of many pathophysiological conditions, such as those occurring in Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, arthritis, pain, neuromuscular and skeletal muscle diseases.

TreadScan system takes video of animal (mouse or rat) running on a transparent belt treadmill as input. The video of the ventral view (underside view) of the animal is obtained using a high‐speed digital camera and each video capture can be 20 seconds (or even more when used with specialized fast hard drive architecture) giving a multitude of stride samples in just one trial. The video essentially captures the foot prints of the animal as they walk/run on the treadmill. TreadScan software can work with videos taken from any treadmill that allows the capture of its footprints on any video capturing hardware system with a high‐speed camera.

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