CSI-BX-CPP-AD: 3 Chamber Light/Dark Box

Clever Sys offers a highly versatile apparatus that can be used as a light-dark box for learning and memory studies such as conditioned place preference, active/passive avoidance, or learned helplessness.

The apparatus consists of two compartments of equal size with various options available. These include individual shock floors, a center holding chamber, automatic or manual doors, as well as visual and auditory stimulus generators that allow the user to customize the design for their individual study needs.

Shuttle Box


CSI-BX-CPP-AD-M12.7 cm46.5 cm22.9 cmmouse
CSI-BX-CPP-AD-M5 in18.31 in9.02 inmouse
CSI-BX-CPP-AD-R21 cm68 cm22.9 cmrat
CSI-BX-CPP-AD-R8.26 in26.77 in9.01 inrat