CSI-MZ-RA: Radial Arm Maze

We offer two versions of the Radial maze (6 arm mouse, 8 arm rat) with the option of manual or fully automated programmable doors. Easy to assemble, operate, and clean. This maze is now available in blue acrylic as well.

For comprehensive data acquisition, partner this maze with our TopScan or MazeScan software for the best in behavioral analysis.

radial arm maze


CSI-MZ-RA-M12.22 cm37 cm7.5 cmmouse
CSI-MZ-RA-M5 in14.5 in3 inmouse
CSI-MZ-RA-R11.4 cm46 cm40.6 cmrat
CSI-MZ-RA-R4.5 in18.1 in16 inrat