Optogenetics and fiber photometry are neuro-modulation technologies in neuroscience that utilizes a combination of light and genetics to control and monitor neurons in vivo.

Clever Sys Inc., programs can be synchronized with optogenetic actuators and sensors and fiber photometry devices allowing for acquisition of behavioral data during experiments.

Any of our software programs can be integrated with optogenetics/fiber photometry by using TTL and a specially developed software interface. This brings research into a new realm with the possibility of simultaneous control of biochemical events of living freely behaving animals and the collection of this data in both high-throughput and real-time.

Many of our hardware devices such as our treadmill, runway, operant chambers are fully equipped to accommodate the need for fiber optic tethers so animal movement during behavioral testing will not be inhibited.

Ideal for experiments mapping function of the amygdala such as fear conditioning, studies for targeting pharmacotherapies and addiction via nucleus accumbens, expression of pyramidal neurons in PFC and genetic components of social behavior and drug efficacy in neuropsychiatric disorders etc.

Whatever your experimental needs Clever Sys, will work with you to provide the best system for your data collection needs to provide high quality reliable results and the best behavioral analysis software available.

Although any of our programs can be integrated with optogenetic/fiber photometry systems optimal candidates include:

• SeizureScan
• HomecageScan
• GroupHouseScan
• FreezeScan
• ChamberScan
• GaitScan
• TreadScan
• RunwayScan
• TopScan
• SocialScan