dual view kinematic gait analysis

KinemaScan is a multi-dimensional analysis system that takes video of animal (mouse/rat/guinea pig) running on a transparent belt treadmill with input from 2 different views: Ventral view for traditional TreadScan based video analysis and Side view for joint-motion Kinematic Analysis. The ventral and side-view videos of the animal are obtained using a pair of high-speed digital cameras and each video capture can be 20 seconds (or even more when used with specialized fast hard drive architecture) giving a multitude of stride samples in just one trial. The ventral view video essentially captures the foot prints of the animal as they walk/run on the treadmill. The side view video captures motion of the joints using reflectors or color markers affixed to the landmark points on the animals’ limbs. Both views are synchronized during video capture.

Unique Capabilities

    -Complete GLP-compliant System
    -Analyzes video at speeds of up to 175 fps and video resolution up to 656×480 in each view
    -Detects feet in animals with almost similar coat color like Agouti and White mice!
    -Works with rodents of all colors/sizes
    -Stores video in MPEG with high-compression for optimal use of disk space
    -Provides a Comprehensive set of gait measures
    -Export Stance Graph (a timing diagram of the foot stances and the foot contact size information) and the Ink-Pad image showing the foot placement positions
    -Ability to automatically flag outliers for further review and discard unusable portions of video