CSI-MZ-EP: Elevated Plus Maze

The Elevated Plus (E-P) Maze is a behavioral measure of anxiety. With two closed arms and one open arm perpendicularly separating the two closed arms. It is made of blue acrylic that provides optimal contrast to animals of all colors and types.

Available for rats or mice our maze, it is a nice addition to any lab!



CSI-MZ-M: Open Arm7 cm69 cm0 cmmouse
CSI-MZ-M: Open Arm2.75 in27 in0 inmouse
CSI-MZ-M: Closed Arm7 cm30 cm15 cmmouse
CSI-MZ-M: Closed Arm2.75 in12 in6 inmouse
CSI-MZ-R: Open Arm12 cm114 cm0 cmrat
CSI-MZ-R: Open Arm5.5 in15 in0 inrat
CSI-MZ-R: Closed Arm14 cm50 cm30 cmrat
CSI-MZ-R: Closed Arm5.5 in12 in19 inrat