Over the years Clever Sys has become renowned for its patented Behavior Recognition Technology and as our technology has advanced so has our work force. We have helped countless scientists discover their full research potential through innovative products, customer service, and now behavioral research consultation. Our technology has been validated in hundreds of labs in various institutions from small universities to top tier globally recognized names in the field of neuroscience. The next logical step was to utilize what we already have in an excellent data acquisition platform and combine it with the expertise of our staff to offer you a wide range of behavioral research services.

Depending upon your study design needs, we can provide the following services:

  • Research consultation
  • Video acquisition and analysis
  •  Study design; working with existing protocols or design paradigms based on your individual research needs
  •  Simple experimental designs that include one task or a complex battery of tasks

Our behavioral scientists have experience in Neurotoxicology, CNS disorders, Social/Affective Disorders, Genetic Disorders, Pain, and Motor Disorders and have worked with a wide range of models in both rats and mice.  We work with regulatory compliance and studies are performed under non-GLP conditions, but in the spirit of the U.S.FDA’s GLP regulations for non-clinical laboratory studies 21CFT part 58.  Husbandry services as well as dosing, surgical, histological and histo-chemical techniques can be included depending on your research requirements.  Our hardware has been optimized to ensure precise video acquisition, having all mazes, operant chambers and accessories, social observation environments, and even novel tasks that no other company can provide for you such as parallel rod, empathy fear conditioning, automated t-maze, and the free walk apparatus.  Our behavioral scientists have the right combination of education and hands on experience needed for trouble shooting and preparation that will allow you to rest assured your research is being conducted with the same stringent adherence to methodology, ethics, and professionalism you would expect if you were conducting the study yourself.

Don’t just let our software do the watching for you, let our behavioral scientists do the research for you as well!