CleverCageScan Homecage Behavior Analysis System

CleverCageScan is designed for homecage behavior analysis under expandable enriched homecage environment. It exhibits below features compared with other competitor’s products.

  • 24 hour Circadian Rhythm analysis, support 24*7 running.
  • Programmable illumination control, provide day/night lighting transition. Illumination option can be White/IR or White/Red.
  • Integrated audio delivery system. dB individually adjustable for each cage.
  • Homecage behavior analysis module compatible with HomeCageScan. Back-lightillumination provides good contrast for side-view behavior analysis, and provide more details for homecage behavior than pure top-view analysis.
  • TopView behavior analysis module compatible with TopScan., thus can utilize the flexible and powerful function of TopScan. For example, combined with Operant Chamber extension, the system cam do Sign Seeking and Goal Seeking.
  • System supports various extension and customization, including Operant Chamber module, Metabolism module, Enriched Environment module, OptoGenetics module, etc, which expand the research area of this system greatly.
  • Operant Chamber module introduce Operant Chamber related hardware and function into homecage, including Cue Light,  Audio(Tone/White Noise), Nose Poke, Lever, Pellet Dispenser etc, which provides effective approaches for studying Circadian Rhythm of Operant Chamber behavior under homecage environment.
  • Metabolism module provides measuring of food and liquid consumption as well as animal body weight, etc, thus make it self a powerful tool for study Metabolism in homecage environment.
  • Enriched Environment is important for development of animal brain and intelligence. Enriched Environment module introduce Nest, Ramp, Z-Wall, Block, Tunnel etc into homecage, which also serves as basis for complex social paradigm such as Social Hierarchy and VBS (visible burrow system etc.
  • OptoGenetics module allow optical stimulus to be triggered by animal behavior, which provide a powerful tool for OptoGenetics study.