We offer a wide range of animal behavior research services and we have grouped them into the best fit category as seen below:


Cognitive Tasks:

Morris Water Maze, Barnes Maze, Novel Object Recognition, Fear Conditioning (delay, trace, and extinction), Operant Conditioning, Passive/Active Avoidance, CPP, T-Maze, Y-Maze, Radial Arm Maze.

Affective Tasks:

Open field, Elevated Plus Maze, Zero Maze, Forced Swim (Porsolt), Tail Suspension

Circadian Rhythm

Home Cage Observation (24/7 comprehensive analysis), Seizure detection in the homecage, Group housed Observation, Group Behaviors of Zebrafish or Drosophila.

Motor & Gait Analysis

Open Field, Treadmill (forced walking), Runway (free walking), Free Walk Apparatus (combines open field with free walking), Parallel Rod ( foot fault – an excellent alternative to rotarod), Cylinder Test (forelimb asymmetry).

Social Observation Tasks*

Social Interaction, Social Partner Preference, Social Aggression, Social activity of group housed animals.

* each task can be integrated with ultrasonic vocalization for an in-depth look at social behavior